Henry Khudyakov

        In Russia, Khudyakov was known as a modern poet and remarkable versatile artist.
In New York (since 1974) he continues to express his unique vision by working hard and tirelessly.
His style dazzles the eye. The street iconography he is so drawn to, like shards of civilization,
along with every manner of collectible - studs, chewing gum, band aids, bows, metallic glitter and more -
have recurred in his many works, particularly his clothing series. The subject matter can consist of ties,
dress shirts, vests, T-shirts, pants, shoes and jackets. Artist intends these creations to be seen as homage
to the New York City.

       Partially as a result of his cosmic outlook, no canvas can be too bright for creator. Along with acrylic
and glitter, Khudyakov uses petroleum based fluorescent paint, which glows in the dark.

        His works cannot be summed up casually; although, many of them can be connected to each other
as cells of a living organism. It's a creation of a new dynamic mysterious cosmos from customary objects.
It's better not only to see his creations but be surrounded by them, feel them, and wear as a perfume
those simple but surprisingly fresh images.

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