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Making solution out of 2 ingredients.

The resulting volume is given.


1st ingredient 2nd ingredient
of the 1st ingredient
in the solution


For the Mass Percent calculation, first, you need to find out densities of each ingredient. Please note: measure and enter volumes of each one along with correspondent weights.
However, if you know ratio density / density,
enter it in a box for Ratio, skipping the following section of density calculation.
If it is a Volume Percent calculation for the solution (so densities are ignored in calculation) just leave that "1" in the box Ratio.
1st ingredient 2nd ingredient
Volume Volume
Weight Weight

Density of =
Density of =


Enter the resulting volume of solution you want to obtain ==>

Now, click to get volumes of these 2 ingredients to mix in the solution.


Volume Volume
Weight Weight

Thank you for using my program!

Alex Zable